About KAC

Kelowna Arts Council, founded in September 2012 as the Association of Artists for Creative Alliance (ACA), is a non-profit arts society based in Kelowna, British Columbia. Our organization is dedicated to enriching lives through creative awareness and artistic education, building community through alliances and strengthening relationships.

Inspiring Creativity, Celebrating Community

We work with amateur, emerging, and professional artists and, through inclusion, education, resources and support, our goal is to integrate artistic diversity to create cultural vibrancy in Kelowna.

Creating opportunities. Our dedicated team of volunteer board members, partnering organizations and supporters work hard to create  opportunities where creatives from Kelowna can perform, exhibit, educate and simply share their work with our community.

Arts accessible to all. Based on the knowledge that providing a means for people to experience art (in all its forms) can be life changing, Kelowna Arts Council aims to help make the arts accessible to all. We believe that everyone, from all walks of life and economic situations, should be able to experience and learn about the arts through unique and exciting programs, mentorship and more.

Benefits to the community as a whole. Through both public and private sector support of art, artists and arts organizations, Kelowna’s vibrant arts scene will continue to grow, providing many benefits to the community as a whole. Links available on our website enable Kelowna’s artists, businesses and those in the private sector to connect, build relationships, engage in mentorship and gain strength through shared experience.

Get involved. As a non-profit society, we rely on the generosity of volunteers, sponsors and donors. If you’d like to get involved or make a donation, please contact us.(link to membership/volunteer/sponsor  page) Thank you for your interest and support in further building the artistic and cultural future of Kelowna.