Lynda Norman

Executive Director

Kelowna born and raised writer, musician and artist, Lynda Norman, knows that creativity is a natural part of being.  As office manager for Norman Tile & Marble Ltd, a business she and her husband own, and Business start-up facilitator for Women’s Enterprise Centre of BC, Lynda also understands the business end of things.

Her vision has always been to create spaces and opportunities for each and every person to experience the benefits of creativity in ways that are meaningful, fulfilling, healing, positive and essential to a thriving community. In the fall of 2012, Lynda, along with a small group of like-minded creatives, recognized the need in our community for art, culture and heritage to be offered in an inclusive and holistic way.  She formed the Association of Artists for Creative Alliance (AACA), a not-for-profit society that officially became Kelowna Arts Council in July 2015.

The driving force behind programs like OUR Coffeehouse, Creative Conversations, Creative Commerce, Art on the Ballot– Reverse Forum, Community Jam Sessions, and more, she was also a member of BC’s Creative Convergence Engagement Committee, and has been working with arts and culture leaders throughout the province to build and celebrate community.

With her finger on the pulse of grassroots culture and creativity here in Kelowna, Lynda continues to direct her energies and talents to promoting arts and culture and is proud to have led ACA through the transition to becoming Kelowna’s new Arts Council.

Sheila Dyer


Sheila Dyer is a drama specialist, master storyteller and visual artist whose acting has taken her across Canada on theatre tours and has seen her performing as a professional actor in Kingston, Toronto and Vancouver.

She has been teaching Theatre Arts and Expressive Arts in both Canada and the United Kingdom for over 30 years. She has taught at many private theatre companies, including Bumbershoot Children’s Theatre and Young Peoples Theatre (Toronto).

Sheila’s experience in acting, directing, puppetry, costume design, theatre sports, mime, dance, improvisation, movement, accents, storytelling, mask, drawing, singing  has brought inspiration to people of all ages.

The esteemed host and storyteller at OUR Coffeehouse events, Sheila currently works at the Kelowna Waldorf School and City of Kelowna Parks & Recreation programs as a drama teacher for children and special needs adults.  She assists local creatives on many levels, consulting with groups such as Kinshira, the Society for Learning in Retirement, Okanagan Regional Library, Studio 9 and Aberdeen Hall.

Sheila has been a board member of Kelowna Arts Council since its inception as Artists for Creative Alliance (ACA) in 2012, in more recent years serving as Vice President until taking on the role of President in 2017.

Rainer Wilkins

Vice President

Rainer Wilkins is honoured to once again serve as Vice President of the Kelowna Arts Council, after sitting in the President’s chair for the past few years. He has played a key role in the organization since its inception in 2012 when he took on the role of Vice President.

Born to an abundantly artistic family in Achern, Germany, Rainer spent his formative years in Toronto, Canada where he attended York University and studied Economics in French.

He has been in Kelowna since 2003 with his wife and two children. Rainer completed his Certified Sommelier Diploma in 2001, and along with his wife is the proprietor of “Buy the Bottle” wine sales agency in the B.C. Interior representing such fine wineries as Gray Monk and Black Hills Estate Wineries.

An avid musician seeking to continue to develop his skills in guitar, saxophone and vocals, he celebrates teaching and performing music for children and adults alike.

Kathryn Gamble


Kathryn Gamble

Gene Bodzin


Gene Bodzin has thought of himself as a writer for as long as he can remember, and a technical editor since experience showed him that corporations and governments use the word “communication” as a synonym for “obfuscation.” He has published essays, fiction, an unconventional survey of Ottawa tourist attractions, and a guide to memoir writing. This last followed the completion of his personal memoir, a 13-year-long project tracing his journey from a traditional Jewish home mid-century Detroit through endless schooling and a brief career as a university professor, to six years as a goat farmer on the margins of hippiedom, to eventual emergence as a public writer and editor.

Before coming to Kelowna in November 2015, he spent more than three decades in Ottawa, alternating between freelancing and employment for federal government departments. He and his wife, Catherine, now devote most of their attention to their company, Moon Dog Theatre.

Michael S.e Elliot


Michael S.e Elliot

Catherine Brandon


Catherine Brandon