Awareness – by Guest Blogger, Laurie Bartley

10 Jul Awareness – by Guest Blogger, Laurie Bartley

…So much awaits us, and is simply there for the taking – we simply need to open our awareness to it, and then say “yes!”.  Yes, YES, YES!! Both arms, flung open YES!!…


Laurie Bartley

Laurie Bartley is a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner who offers support and guidance to live a full, healthful life.

Laurie  also shares her knowledge and insights through writing and public speaking. She is a contributor to “OK In Health” and “Encompass” magazines.

She is contributing to a book, due to be published in 2017, entitled “From There to Here” – a book of Real and Raw Daringly Mindful stories written by Diana Reyers. Discover how these courageously ordinary people faced adversity head on & chose their individual Authentic Road Trip in order to get from There to Here.

Laurie is also a Storyteller and M.C. for “Storytelling Tuesdays”, monthly gatherings where everyone is welcome to experience our community through inspirational stories.

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