Gathering Inspiration & Ideas in Every Day by Christina Leinemann Knittel

08 Sep Gathering Inspiration & Ideas in Every Day by Christina Leinemann Knittel

When looking for inspiration, I don’t wait for it to strike.

I am a painter, and in my process, inspiration and ideas come from my daily life.  Paying attention and making note of all those little things that I am drawn to throughout my day.  A colour that catches my eye, a weird looking plant, a pattern on a package in the grocery store.  I gather it all because I never know what might start a whole new body of work.

Everything, no matter how insignificant at the time, gets tucked away.  Later, if something’s truly caught my attention and it’s been whirling in my head for a while, I’ll take it out again for a closer look.  I’ll find out more about that weird plant, doodle in my sketchbook with the colours I’ve seen or play with those patterns from the grocery store.  I might just take all three and see what happens.  There’s no telling where the pieces will fall together.

The real beauty of this process, is that I am paying attention to the moments that take my breath away and the things that make me smile.  I love every minute of it!  It is like I am finding bits and pieces of myself out in the world and I am so happy when I find them.  A shade of blue can make my day, heck it can make my week!  My day is filled with wonder, and that wonder drives me to create.

There are ten million ideas floating around in my head.  I am never at a lack for inspiration.  I have made sure to keep it well fed and have built my art practice around keeping it full.  My penchant for collecting, taking notes, and experimenting constantly produces new ideas.  Yes, my inspiration well is deep, and when I sit at my easel with a blank canvas, I can trust myself to make the work I was meant to make and that it will say exactly what it is I am trying to say.

Don’t wait.  Go out there and get it!


photoChristina Leinemann Knittel is an artist who paints in the moment.  Her floral and potted plant paintings act as reminders to love and find joy everyday.  She is a UBC Okanagan Alumni and since earning her BFA in 2006 has been actively involved with Kelowna’s art community both in teaching workshops and exhibiting her work.  You can see her latest work on Instagram or view it in person at Alchemy on Bernard.

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